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Michael Brown's M.A.D. About Reading Show
Music    Arts    Drama


You Are A Star!
A Program About Character

Michael Brown's M.A.D. About Reading Show
Music    Arts    Drama

For the past eight year’s Michael Brown has produced a top-notch, family friendly program for libraries, fairs, festivals and corporate events all over Michigan . Each year Michael brings an all new program for libraries that is summer-themed appropriate and is full of encouragement to read.Library Magic for Kids!

This year is no exception, in fact we feel that this years program will be one our the best. This new program is called “M.A.D. About Reading!” This show is designed to teach children that by reading they can become their best. By the end of the show, they will become excited about all the wonderful things they can learn from a book !

This fun program is enjoyed by ALL ages, even the adults! It is a fast paced 45 minute show that incorporates lots of involvement. This program is packed with strong visuals, effective storytelling and positive reinforcement. Michael also will be introducing a brand new puppet this year named Beethoven. Beethoven is a zany puppet who will help understand that reading is a treasure much to the children’s delight!

Highlights From the Program

  • They will see stories come to life with magic, music & drama! A show filled with variety.

  • Library Puppet Show!Children will laugh and learn while watching the zany antics of Mike's  puppet, “Beethoven”.

  • A special tribute to Abraham Lincoln to commemorate his 200th birthday: A drawn picture comes to life and talks to the kids about reading books!

  • They’ll see that reading books could help them make their dreams come true. Mike will captivate the audience with a memorable message about Ben Carson. Ben's mother limited his TV viewing and insisted he read at least two books a week. Ben made medical history and became a famous physician because he read books instead of watching TV.

  • You will appreciate a quality show that is self-contained with a terrific sound system, an awesome stage backdrop, & customized music & sound effects!

  • We also will form the Kazoo Band! With the help of a few volunteers, we learn how to play a kazoo, as well as learn about one of the very few American born musical instruments

Call now to schedule “M.A.D About Reading” Program before available dates vanish ! Call (810) 955-1581 or e-mail us at brownsentertainment@gmail.com


You Are A Star!
A Program About Character

This is a 45 minute fun filled learning journey based on the 6 pillars of character. A group of puppets sing a song about not being a bully, and treating each other with respect. The story of King Midas comes to life as some of his artifacts come right out of the pages of the book. The students will laugh and laugh as a volunteer demonstrates fairness by helping Mike with a trick. The wands keep getting bigger and bigger until the big finish! This is sure to be talked about after the show! Children will learn about becoming a better person through the fun activities and wonderful stories. As with all of Michael's programs, there is plenty of audience participation, as well as plenty of comedy. This program is good for public and private schools, as well as church groups and daycares.

Here is What They Will Learn

Three volunteers from the audience help to make the magic happen. By being a good citizens, and working together, we make the community better.

The value of trust is learned, as a volunteer is trusted to help make the magic happen. They also have to trust me, as we make a milk shake on their head!

King Midas learns that caring for people rather than possessions is the key to happiness.

Charming puppets sing a song about treating each other with respect and not to be a bully. This is sung to the tune of "Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis.

What goes around, always comes back around. This is a fun routine we learn the value of playing, and being fair.

Being responsible is doing what we say we are going to do. This tick just will not work until Mike is responsible and does what he said he was going to do!

In a world where people seem to only care about themselves and "entitlement" and what "they" can get is at the front of most people's minds, and our kids' minds, this is a great way to teach them great core values, in a way that is fun and in a way that they will always remember!

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Call now to schedule your “You Are A Star” Program before available dates vanish ! Call (810) 955-1581 or e-mail us at brownsentertainment@gmail.com


Michael's magic show
was fun for the adults
as well as the kids.
Every one loved it!

— Irv Kearney
Clarkston, Michigan


"Customer Satisfaction
= Repeat Business" -
Michael did such a
fantastic performance
at my sons' birthday
party that I
recommended him for
my sons' cub scout
banquet. They enjoyed
both shows!!

— Dina Gora
Highland, Michigan

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