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Michigan's Best Corporate Magician

Add some spice to your business event with a magic show by Mike Brown!

Mike Brown is a specialized Corporate Magician

Mike’s magic shows have been making business events fun for over 20 years! Mike will perform a unique show at your business event, corporate gathering, or meeting!

Company Meetings

Hire Mike to entertain your business meeting and keep it light-hearted.

Custom Show Design

Mike Brown can design a custom magic show so it's perfect for your corporate event!

Business Events

Get the right social atmosphere with Mike's ice-breaking entertainment.

Corporate Magician for business events and meetings

Looking to add some excitement to your business event?

Maybe your last business event was lackluster and you want your next one to have some more life to it.

Maybe you’re thinking about hiring an entertainer to make your next event amazing. The thing is, it’s tough to pick an entertainer. There are so many entertainers out there, how are you supposed to tell if they are any good?

The answer: Hire an experienced entertainer

For a business event, you need an entertainer that can keep the attention of everyone in the room! 

Someone with energy, charisma, tricks, and jokes.

Someone that has performed a magic show in front of a live audience hundreds of times!

A magic show for your event!

Mike Brown has performed in front of hundreds of live audiences in the 20 years he has been a magician.

Through a blend of magic, comedy, charisma, and music, Mike will make your business event a blast!