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Magician For Kids Party - Magic Birthday Parties

Michigan's favorite magician for kids parties and kids birthday parties!

Give your child a Magic birthday party to remember!

Magician Mike Brown’s special talents will have the kids and adults laughing together.

Mike's birthday shows will keep the whole family laughing! Jokes, magic tricks, and performance all in a family-friendly manner.
Your child will be the star of Mike's magic show. Not to mention everyone at the party will be invited to participate in the fun!
Happy Parents
As parents, you're happy when your child is happy. Your child will love Mike's magic, and you'll find yourself having a blast as well.

See for yourself why Mike Brown is one of mid-Michigan’s favorite kid show magicians!

Magic for Birthday Parties?

Mike Brown - Magician for kids party

Being a parent is busy work in 2020! You are under constant pressure with work, your child’s school responsibilities, sports, clubs, and everything else. Planning out a party that your child will love on top of all that is difficult! Maybe you want to hire an entertainer to make sure your child has a blast. That’s where Mike Brown comes in.

For the last 20 years Mike Brown has been bringing smiles to kids and parent’s faces with his magic! Mike has achieved his entertainment success by blending comedy, magic, puppets, juggling, music, and balloon animals into a one-of-a-kind, party fun extravaganza your child and your family!

How does Mike do it?

Mike Brown is a kid-show specialist, which means that he knows exactly how to keep children entertained and engaged. Not to mention, Mike makes your birthday child the star of the entire show!

Throughout the entirety of the show your child will be asked for assistance with magic tricks, making them feel special. Everyone else at the party will also be included in magic tricks (who doesn’t love participation?).

Can't Wait to See Mike's Magic Tricks in Person?

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So... what is a show like?


A newspaper is torn into pieces and completely restored in-front of everyone’s eyes!

Alive Pictures?

Watch an inanimate picture suddenly come to life and talk to you!

Lemon Money?

A $100 bill shows up inside a bag of lemons you’ve been holding the entire time!

Face Painting

The children will be ecstatic to get awesome designs painted on their faces!

Balloon Animals

Mike will surprise every child at the party with colorful balloon animals in all sorts of shapes and sizes.


You can rest assured that this magic performance will be like no other. 

 Mike will make sure your child feels special. Every trick, word, and movement is carefully planned out to maximize the enjoyment of your child, their friends, and of course, YOU!